Open-Source-CMS.jpgWhen building out your web presence, there are several factors that you need to consider. One of the most important is which content management system (or CMS) to use. Your CMS is the software you use to build and maintain your website. While there are many CMS solutions on the market, not all of these platforms are equal; the specific needs of your business will make some of them more helpful than others.

There are several kinds of CMS software available. Many of the major platforms are what is called “open source,” meaning that the software’s code is freely available for those who would want to modify them. Software is further divided in terms of whether it provides a set of nearly complete websites that you simply add content to or whether the software requires you to assemble the site from precoded modules. When deciding between these kinds of software, you will want to consider the expertise of the people who will be putting the site together. Are your web designers seasoned pros who want the freedom to build the kind of site they prefer or relative amateurs who need help to perform the basics of web work?

This infographic from CopyPress, outlines the differences between some of the most popular open source CMS software. With this info, you’ll be well-equipped to begin making some decisions.


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