VisualCustomerService-featureOf the many sales tips that are often repeated within the sales industry, “you never know who is a potential customer” is perhaps one of the most basic. The implication inherent in this statement is to treat every interaction in either your brick and mortar business, or your online one, as a potential customer. A simple example of this concept is in the industry of luxury goods. While there are many ways to show off wealth, there are many wealthy people who choose not to. So if you ever find yourself working behind the counter at an official Rolex dealer or Ferrari dealership, always remember that the man or woman covered in drywall and paint spots is just as much a potential customer as the man or woman in the suit already wearing one.

This fundamental has its roots in a time far before the modern brand saturated age in which we currently live. Customer retention was feasible with a warm greeting and decent customer service, after all, you didn’t have to bend over backwards when the nearest competing business was in the next town or perhaps farther. Today however when you combine the online shopping marketplace with the current density of competing brick and mortar businesses, you have to adjust to a new tip; “you never know who will be a repeat customer.” You can never count on seeing someone walk through your doors again the way you once could.

Of the many lengths companies must currently go to in order to earn customer loyalty, visual customer service via social media is becoming one of the most important. The connected world is becoming a visually driven place where consumers have become accustomed to quick and entertaining information in a visual format, as well as moving most of their interactions away from emails and “contact us” forms and gearing them towards their already daily online lives on their social networks. Today, customers expect to read about their friend’s wedding, and in just a few clicks be able to interact with a business as well. Customer service has and must go visual as well as social. Consumers want to interact, complain, compliment, and even start the discovery process of new products on their pre-existing social platforms.

  • 85% of consumers expect business to be active on social media
  • Social Media currently stands over 1.5 billion active users across all platforms

Check out the infographic “Visual Customer Service in the Social Age” for a great breakdown of the many social media platforms available to companies looking to improve their rapport with their customers, while offering a visually stimulating, and effective customer service experience. You’ll learn that every platform has a time, place and purpose, and how to properly take advantage of each.


Jennifer Landry is a journalist from Malibu, California. She specializes in writing articles about business management and the social media landscape.

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