happy new year 2016It’s been a great year for Inbound Marketing at V2 Marketing. As 2015 comes to a close, we scoured our web stats and looked back through our blogs this year to find the ones you loved the most. We discovered that you were interested in proving the value of your marketing to grow your business. Some of the posts you read the most had to do with responsive websites, lead generation and social media marketing.

So, in case you missed them the first time, or just want a refresher, here are our top 10 most read blogs of 2015.

  1.  How to Confirm your Website is Google Mobile-Friendly Compliant
    In 2015, Google changed their search algorithms to reward mobile-friendly websites, and penalize sites that are NOT mobile-friendly. This blog shows how to check if your website complies with Google’s new mobile-friendly requirements.

  2. 4 Components of a Case Study for Professional Services Businesses
    For professional services businesses that do not sell a tangible product, case studies can provide customers with valuable proof of quality and value.

  3. How Inbound Marketing Generates Leads for Manufacturing Companies
    Manufacturing companies are seeing less and less success from their traditional marketing methods. This article shows how manufacturers are using inbound marketing to attract and close new business.

  4. The 5-Part Blueprint for a Lead Generation Machine
    For manufacturing companies, generating good leads for the sales team, and enough of them, is a top priority for the marketing department. This blog provides an outline for industrial marketers to build a successful online lead generation machine keeps the sales funnel full.

  5. Digital Trends: How to Target the Always On Consumer
    People are connected to the Internet 24/7. This infographic illustrates tips for businesses to connect with the “always on” consumer.

  6. 5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Profile More Professional
    Here are a few tips for separating your personal and professional lives on Facebook.

  7. 6 Must Have Apps for Marketing Professionals [INFOGRAPHIC]
    If you’re in the marketing business, these are the apps you simply cannot live without.

  8. [Infographic] Why Responsive Website Design is So Important
    Businesses need to connect with consumers where they are. More and more, this means on their mobile devices. This article explains what responsive website development is, and why it is important for companies to redevelop their websites.

  9. A Simple 4-Step Plan for Creating Inbound Marketing Content
    One of the core tactics of inbound marketing strategy is content creation. But constantly producing quality content can be time consuming. Here are tips for finding the right topics and creating that marketing content.

  10. 5½ Things your Website must have to Start Generating Leads
    Businesses are realizing that the old, “outbound” marketing tactics, like trade shows and print advertising, don’t work as well as they used to to generate leads. So they’re shifting to digital, “inbound” marketing methods to attract qualified prospects and convert more customers.

Have a bright Christmas and joyous New Year. We’ll see you in 2016!