Measuring_Online_PR_Effectiveness-small.jpgThe overwhelming availability of information in recent years has shifted control of sales, marketing and public relations from businesses to consumers. This digital revolution, however, provides detailed insights into the ROI of marketing and PR activities.

Until the current advancements of plentiful and affordable software to track and measure online user data, Marketing and PR professionals were often forced to rely on vague reporting metrics, like “brand awareness,” “earned media,” and social media “likes.” Unfortunately, even today, many marketing and public relations professionals blindly execute tactics like sending email blasts, news releases and social media without first setting clear campaign goals or understanding how to measure their success.

As competition increases and budgets face greater scrutiny, the ability to accurately measure the result of a campaign and communicate the value of marketing and PR in achieving the organization’s goals is becoming a requirement. This infographic from George Washington University Graduate School of Public Relations Online, offers some great tips on how to effectively measure PR.


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