PaidSocialAmplification-smallA lot of companies have jumped onto the inevitable content marketing bandwagon – where instead of throwing offers and deals and flashy brands in the faces of customers, companies can instead create and distribute relevant content that engages the audience by educating them on the brand. The field has exploded recently, with almost every company now marketing their content not their new deals.

But even though content marketing and inbound marketing has brought a lot of companies success by helping them create a channel of information to pass along to potential customers, buyers and other companies, many aren’t seeing the numbers they’d like to online. Or for some, web traffic may be good, but it’s no longer growing. Your company is still getting Facebook likes and re-Tweets on Twitter, but the audience is at a stagnant standstill. Although most companies know how to promote their content, they aren’t able to catch the audiences they want. So, many have turned to paid social promotions to get the word across. And results have been pretty positive for those who are joining the world of paid advertising.

Paid advertising isn’t just about promotion – it’s about visibility. Let’s say your company has spent a lot of time and money making a great new video, or a lot of resources writing a new article, but you can’t figure out how to make it go viral. Posting it on Facebook and Twitter only gets you a disappointing handful of hits. But the trick is, paid social advertising will put your video or article right on the front of Facebook and Twitter feeds, reaching out to exactly the audiences you want to be targeting. It’s a fast and extremely user-friendly way to make sure that your targeted customers are seeing your hard work! Here is a quick rundown on everything you need to know to get started:


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