GooglePlusPostAds-thumbnailOnce upon a time – 1998 to be exact – two Ph.D. students out of Stanford put their brains together to work on a dissertation theme. The idea was to understand the mathematical properties behind the Web, the algorithms that connected one source of information with the next. They called it the “web crawler” because it linked information with back pages of other information that already existed on the web. Slowly, they compiled data. Then the data grew. They soon realized the need for some sort of center engine, a search engine of sorts, to put all of the information in one place. Hence, Google was born – the name a mathematical term “googol” meaning ten billion zeros.

The possibilities were endless. Before long, Google had expanded beyond just being a search engine – it included email accounts (Gmail), a totally digital storage service online (Google drive), and a virtual office space (Google Docs). Today Google covers everything from Smartphones and tablets to earphones, music players, drones and self-drive cars. The possibilities continue to be endless.

Which is why Google has also, recently, nudged its way into the business world, providing a user-friendly outlet for business-to-business interactions, a la Google Plus. Google Plus not only allows for companies and businesses to post thoughtful articles, innovative ideas and new brand names, it also allows businesses to pick and choose exactly who they want to share their page with. With Google Plus, you can physically see exactly who you are marketing with, and under what circles. Even more than that, though, Google Plus puts an emphasis on more than just a flash name brand – it, along with the spirit of Google, is about ideas. Google allows companies and businesses to share an intellectual appetite, not just a physical one. Here is a quick how to:


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