lead-conversion.jpgI often speak with business owners and marketers who are frustrated that they don’t get the results they expect from their website and online marketing. They believe that more website visitors will translate into more business, so they’re invested time and money into various marketing tactics, like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid digital ads, but have not seen these activities pay off in terms of increased leads and sales.

Most websites do not have a traffic problem. They have a conversion problem. They attract visitors, but lack a way to convert those strangers into leads. While online marketing, like SEO and social media, can help drive traffic, they are not designed to generate leads or help close sales. These marketing activities attract visitors, but few of those visitors request more information.

The fact is, most website visitors are not clicking on your site because they want to buy – yet. They’re simply doing research, comparing features or suppliers, and finding product information that helps them make their purchase decision.

But whether they found your site via a search engine, or clicked an ad, they came to your website because they were at least slightly interested in the information you provide.

At this point, these visitors are merely strangers. Usually it’s not that these visitors don’t want more information, but that there is no method built into the website for them to get it. The goal is to convert these strangers into leads.

How will you convert website visitors into leads

Inbound marketing offers a proven method to attract website visitors and convert leads. Here is a helpful, 3-step method from our Inbound Marketing GamePlan, for converting website visitors into leads:

Premium Content Offer

Share valuable content on your website that prompts an informational transaction. Provide valuable, free educational resources that assist website visitors in their research and decision-making process, in exchange for their email address. As visitors read through your website, don’t leave the next step to chance. Present them with a clear and contextual next step.


Provide your website visitors with a clear next step that you would like them to take. This Call-to-Action (CTA) should send the visitor to a landing page where they have the opportunity to download free content in exchange for some identifying information.

Landing Page

This is the point when an anonymous website visitor shares their contact information with you and becomes a lead. Present your offer clearly, eliminate distractions, and make it easy to sign up for your information. Landing pages should be optimized to clearly communicate the value of the content and make it dead simple to download.

With a detailed Inbound Marketing GamePlan behind their marketing strategy, businesses have a proven methodology to get the results they expect from their website and other online marketing.