inbound-marketing-lead-generationFor more than 10 years, Employee Fiduciary has been providing small professional services companies and their employees low-cost 401k plans. They’re not a flashy firm. In fact, they’re pretty boring. But they don’t mind. They take it as a compliment since, as a service business, they understand their job is to deliver dependable, consistent help, advice and retirement funding options. And with over 2,000 customers in all 50 states, and more than $2 billion in aggregated retirement plans, Employee Fiduciary really can’t complain.

The Situation

Like many businesses, the Employee Fiduciary website features pages that describe their company and their services. The site includes a contact page where visitors can email the company, but visitors rarely use it to request a quote. Employee Fiduciary employed a search engine optimization company to boost visits and improve their ranking on search engines, and their website generated a respectable amount of traffic. But their sales team was frustrated that those website visitors did not translate into sales leads and customers.

The Solution

V2 Marketing launched an inbound marketing strategy for Employee Fiduciary with the focus on lead generation. Our objective was to squeeze more actionable sales contacts from the website traffic their site already received. We created informative, downloadable content offers to reward repeat visitors, including fee comparisons, checklists and an annual compliance plan review. We developed landing pages and “smart content” to optimize existing sales offers and deliver personalized marketing messages, giving website visitors more opportunities and reasons to download content and engage with Employee Fiduciary.

Simultaneously, Employee Fiduciary’s sales team was given a better shot at closing the deal with pre-qualified sales prospects who are educated, interested and already invested in what the firm has to offer.

The Result

After partnering with V2 Marketing to implement an inbound marketing strategy, Employee Fiduciary achieved record sales in the first quarter of 2015, beating their sales goal by 33%.

  • Lead conversions from website visitors increased nearly 10%
  • Customer conversions from website leads increased over 75%
  • Sales increased 73% compared to the previous year


The Takeaway

“The word is spreading. We have an amazing team at EF, and with V2 Marketing, we have a great story to tell. Great job everyone,” said Holly Roussel-Godfrey, Sales and Marketing Director.

Employee Fiduciary is an excellent example of how an inbound marketing strategy closes the gap between simply getting website visitors, and actually converting website traffic into leads and sales. Interested in learning more about inbound marketing and its potential for boosting business at your organization? Request a no-cost inbound marketing assessment with V2 today.