madmen 704 ibm360 270The hit TV series Mad Men rises to the level of professional development training for some marketing agencies. A lot has been written about the Mad Men fashion. But from the vodka in the desk drawer, to the cutting edge IBM System/360 computer, the show also offers a glimpse into the workplace environment of the 1960’s.

The office has changed over the years. Does your business still use a Rolodex and land-line telephone, or Outlook Contacts and Skype?

Did you know the world’s largest office building is The Pentagon, with over 3.7 million square feet of space and 23,000 employees working in the building?

Do you use your personal smartphone or tablet to access your work email? A Deloitte report outlined that almost 70% of professionals bring their own devices to the workplace.

As business and technology trends change, the office has evolved over time. This infographic from All Systems, provides an interesting look at the evolution of the workplace and where trends predict it will be in the next decade.

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