blogs for manufacturingThe Internet offers a treasure trove of information on virtually any subject. That’s why inbound marketing works so well to attract visitors who are doing research online about the products and services they are interested in, while they make their purchasing decisions.

The best sources of information are often blogs written by others in the same industry, especially because business blogs provide readers with a constantly evolving collection of information; both fact and opinion.

But for many manufacturing companies, the company blog is often overlooked for its potential to draw interested prospects to the company’s website and ultimately convert anonymous website visitors into actual sales leads. Here is a look at nine blogs offering marketing information for the manufacturing industry.

  1. Industrial Manufacturing Today
    This blog provides marketing ideas and insights in the industrial, manufacturing and engineering sectors and is filled with content that is relevant and interesting to marketers and company owners in these industries.
  2. ThomasNet Industry Market Trends
    Staying true to its monicker, this blog offered by ThomasNet is designed to provide readers with information about market trends in the manufacturing industry.
    This blog claims to be the leading source of manufacturing and product development news, and it certainly delivers on the claim with loads of information dating back to 2000. 
  4. Industrial Marketing Advisers
    Written by a firm specializing in internet marketing for industrial and B2B firms, Industrial Marketing Advisers provides a wealth of information for people looking for information about marketing in the manufacturing industry. Topics include video marketing, branding, local marketing, B2B, SEM, Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization.
  5. American Manufacturing
    This blog was formed by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a not for profit organization formed 2007. It offers a wealth of information including state-specific data so that you can get a firm grasp on challenges the industry faces in your state.
  6. Reshore Now
    This blog is also known as The Reshoring Initiative Blog, and publishes a monthly newsletter as well as a blog about reshoring manufacturing back to the United States. Its focus on U.S. industrial manufacturing means that the information is local and relevant.
  7. Manufacturing Outlook
    This blog is exactly what you would expect from the title. It is written by a number of authors and spends a great deal of time focusing on the manufacturing industry from an economic standpoint, providing a look at the outlook for the industry from different angles. You can filter the blog posts by authors if there is a specific writer you are looking to read from.
  8. Seroka Manufacturing Industry Blog
    Seroka is a brand development and strategic communications company offering a number of blogs centering on Internet marketing. This particular blog on the manufacturing industry has been going since April of 2013 and offers several posts each week on topics relevant to Internet marketing for the industrial manufacturing industry.
  9. Domestic Manufacturing Solutions
    This is a smaller industrial manufacturing blog, but it is growing quickly to include a wealth of information on industrial manufacturing and marketing for this specific niche. Focuse specifically on domestic manufacturing, the blog is centered on how to market American manufacturing.

It is important to keep up to date with modern marketing trends in the manufacturing industry, and actively following manufacturing industry blogs is a great way to stay informed. Whether you own an industrial manufacturing company or help to operate one, the more well-read you are on internet marketing in your industry, the better able you will be to learn techniques to reach your customers throughout their decision-making process.