Does your company website generate sales leads? B2B companies that use inbound marketing methods to convert website visitors into sales leads know that not every form submission from your website is worth a follow-up call from a sales rep. How can you tell whether to nurture web leads or call them back right away?

To help companies better understand B2B buyer behavior on the Web, Software Advice collected data from more than 6,000,000 unique visitors in order to discover when B2B buyers perform research on the Web, when they convert on a website and when the best time is for the sales person to get them on the phone.

Key findings from their data include:

  • Calling a buyer within 5 seconds of converting online increases the chance of qualifying by 150% in comparison to calling within 1 minute.
  • Leads that come in Tuesday through Thursday qualify 2x the average qualification rate for other business days.
  • Traffic is highest just before and during lunchtime; and from 9:00 PM through 11:59 PM CST conversion rates are 13 percent higher than average.

This infographic from Software Advice and Salesforce highlights their results.

B2B Buyer Phone Web Channels Infographic resized 600

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