visual history of google algorithm updatesFrom “Boston” to “Hummingbird,” the Google search engine has come a long way. What started out as a simple (relatively) machine that output search results based on the number of keyword matches and inbound links, has evolved into an indispensible information resource.

Early “SEO gurus,” quickly figured out how to game the system by stuffing keywords onto as many web pages as possible, and getting links back to their sites from any place they could. But, as they say in Vegas, “the house always wins.”

With every new trick to exploit weaknesses in their system, Google made fixes to their search algorithm to enhance its ability to deliver relevant, high-quality search results. And along with each major upgrade to its algorithm came a clever new name.

This infographic from Hubspot and Moz, provides a snapshot of all of the algorithm changes that Google has implemented over the years.

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infographic google algorithm changes keyword seo

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