top marketing blogsWhen it comes to inbound marketing, providing a steady stream of relevant, educational content is key. After all, it is this educational content on your company blog and landing pages that gets found by prospects in search engines and positions your company as a thought leader.

As a marketer, it is imperative to never stop learning. At V2 Marketing, we stay up to date on the latest inbound marketing trends and techniques from industry experts so that we can provide the best inbound marketing services to our own customers. We feel there is no better place to learn than from our own peers and colleagues. Here’s a list of our favorite inbound marketing blogs.

  1. Hubspot
    Hubspot, the mother ship of inbound marketing. Heck, they coined the term, literally. Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan founded the idea of inbound marketing in 2005, thus leading to one of the most popular marketing blogs. Hubspot’s blog is overflowing with content that is valuable to any business’s marketing strategy.
  2. Mashable
    Mashable is another one of those progressive blogs that are constantly updated, covering all types of marketing trends. Whether it is marketing news or the latest social media techniques, Mashable’s got it.
  3. Social Media Examiner
    Over 200,000 marketers follow social media examiner, making it one of the most popular blogs dedicated to social media marketing. They also offer a free weekly podcast that is dedicated to helping businesses with their social media ventures.
  4. Adhere Creative
    Adhere Creative was named “#1 Blog to Follow” by Hubspot for a reason. Adhere is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in branding and design from an inbound marketing standpoint.
  5. HootSuite
    HootSuite’s blog, dubbed HootSource, contains a variety of useful content for social media marketers. Their blog has the latest trends and strategies, as well as interesting info graphs. Many of the HootSource’s contributors are executives at social media marketing companies.
  6. Marketing Experiments Blog
    Marketing Experiments Blog conducts optimization-related experiments that can be applied to a real marketing strategy. This is a great blog to follow to fine-tune your inbound marketing strategy to make it as effective as possible.
  7. B2B Inbound
    This blog is GREAT for beginning inbound marketers. Packed with plenty of guides and how-to’s, B2B Inbound’s blog can give direction on topics from social media optimization to writing your first blog post.
  8. Adobe Digital Marketing Blog
    Adobe products have become the gold standard for designers, and design is one of the most important functions of marketing. Subscribe to the guys who wrote the book on contemporary design by following design trends on Adobe’s digital marketing blog.
  9. B2B Marketing Insider
    B2B Marketing Insider is an award winning blog and a fantastic place for content marketing and social media strategy. The blog has a ton of practical articles that can be used to help apply inbound marketing to a marketing strategy.
  10. Kuno Creative
    Kuno Creative is a successful marketing agency that specializes in inbound marketing services. Kuno does a great job of following marketing trends and giving advice on how to take advantage of these trends.
  11. Pure Matter
    Pure Matter was an early adopter of social media marketing. Their experiments, like their recent attempt to connect with and have lunch with Ellen DeGeneres, are innovative, entertaining and informative.
  12. Content Marketing Institute
    The CMI offers tons of information on their blog, whitepapers, books and magazines.
  13. KISS Metrics
    In addition to the SEO and marketing articles on their blog, KISS Metrics takes a visual approach with a number of stunning infographics. Share their infographics on your blog and social networks for a different way to present marketing trends and techniques.
  14. Impact Branding
    Awarded “Best Inbound Content” by Hubspot, Impact’s blog is updated frequently, and is chock full of informative inbound marketing tips and trends.
  15. V2 Marketing
    Forgive us a little self-indulgence. But we are constantly hard at work developing quality inbound marketing content for our V2 Marketing blog. We hope you find the information useful. If so, please subscribe and get notified right away when we publish new articles.

What other marketing blogs are on your RSS reading list? Please share your favorites in the comments below.

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