Twitter BirdThere are over 100 million Twitter users. That’s also the number of potential sales leads available to the intrepid business who it ready to prospect on this social network. But bad things happen when businesses get lost in the twitterverse.

The most common mistake marketers commit is using Twitter in a non-customer friendly way. There are several myths in the Internet marketing space that encourage this bad behavior. Let’s look at three of them, excerpted from our ebook, “The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for Business.”

MYTH 1 – Longer Membership vs. Shorter Membership

It doesn’t matter if you were on Twitter before it became “mainstream.” The fact is Twitter presence is measured by value, not by longevity.

Just because your company has been tweeting for years doesn’t give you license to spam about your product or service. People on Twitter follow those whose information helps, educates or amuses them. The fact is value trumps longevity.

MYTH 2 – Tweeting Every Second vs. 15-25 Tweets Per Day

No one is disputing the short shelf life and quick decay of a tweet. But that does not give you license to tweet constantly. Not only will tweeting too often cause your other tweets to move down a user’s feed more quickly, but it will also ramp up the odds of annoying your followers.

Data from HubSpot shows that the sweet spot for increasing your Twitter following is between 15-25 tweets a day. Keep in mind, this is an average. You can fluctuate above and below.

MYTH 3 – Following Industry Leaders vs. Following Customers

It is great if you follow industry leaders to learn from their insights and keep track of your competitors’ messaging. But don’t forget your customers and evangelists.

Make sure you give love to those who are willing to publicly show they follow your company and talk about you. After all, social media is about two-way communication. And it moves fast. Ignore your fans and watch how fast they unfollow you.

With so many prospects using Twitter each day, there’s no doubt it can be a great benefit to marketers who use Twitter for business – if they use it appropriately.

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