Humans have been obsessed with cats since the beginning of time. Egyptians thought they warded off evil and, in the Middle Ages, they were considered evil. Today, cats are all over the Internet and we think they’re hilarious.

At V2 Marketing, it’s no mystery to us – we have three cats that roam our office. They live here, entertain us and keep the guest chairs nicely furry. Every morning we get a “cat scan” as the critters circle our legs begging for their food. And it’s not uncommon for one of the furballs to curl up on a warm lap or behind a computer.

So it’s no wonder that cats have shown up in classic advertising campaigns. It’s a simple syllogism. People love cats. Advertising loves people. Therefore advertising loves cats. Cats sell. Historically, companies have used cats in advertisements for wares ranging from shampoo to Corvettes. Here are a few classics.

eveready cat advertisment

corvette cat ad

loreal cat ad

So, why do we love cats so much? The folks at Best Sociology Programs did some research and developed this infographic. It’s purrrrrrfect.

Why Do We Love Cats So Much?
Source: Why Do We Love Cats So Much?