A successful Inbound Marketing program depends on creating high quality content that resonates with prospects at every stage of their buyer’s journey. Blogs are a common format for Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) content used in the Attract stage of the Inbound Methodology to bring visitors to a company’s website. In the Convert stage, downloadable eBooks on landing pages with forms capture a visitor’s name and email address to become a lead. Marketing automation and sales processes take over in the Close stage to nurture the most qualified leads. But the Inbound Marketing Methodology doesn’t end when the deal closes and the lead becomes a customer.


It can cost 5 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. So the fourth stage of the Inbound Marketing Method, the Delight stage, may be the most important, or at least the most profitable. Yet the Delight stage is frequently overlooked once a new customer has signed on the dotted line.

Don’t neglect the customers you already have! Here are some ideas for content geared toward retaining your current customers.

User Guides

Teach your customers about best practices for using your product or service.

“How To” Articles

These could be written by you on a topic of interest to your customers, or even written as a case study from a customer who has achieved success.

Comprehensive Guides

You could create these as top-of-funnel offers too, but your current customers will also appreciate in-depth guides that teach them how to succeed with your product or service.

Quick Tip Videos

Are there new tips, developments or strategies your customers need to know about? These might not be directly related to your product, but are nevertheless helpful in some way to your customer. For example, is there a feature of machine tool control software that you could explain in more detail?

TIP: Check out Soapbox, a free extension for the Chrome web browser, to make super easy videos.

Email Newsletter

Segment your contact list by creating separate lists of your customers and non-customers. This way you can send a special email newsletter to your customers to keep them informed of updates, specials, user tips and anything else you can do to continue being helpful.

Special Offers

Everyone likes to feel special somehow and this is what creating exclusive customer offers can do. You might offer VIP customers a free upgrade, special discount or invitation.

Podcasts or Webinar Classes

If you sell something valuable, then you have valuable information about it that you can share or teach to your customers. A webinar or podcast series is a great way to to build a community around your brand and allow customers to take part in Q & A to deliver extra value.

Retaining existing customers can produce profitable returns for your business. These content marketing ideas can help you continue to provide value to your customers during the Delight stage of their Inbound Marketing journey.