facebook-live.jpgEvery day, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video on their news feeds. In fact, they spend 3 times longer watching live videos, than they do pre-recorded.

It is crucial now for a business to get on board with the new services that Facebook provides. And Facebook marketing is a great way of helping a business build their brand.

Take it from brands like Dunkin Donuts, Tastemade and The Young Turks, who have successfully introduced Facebook Live, Facebook’s live streaming video posting service, into their marketing strategy to build their brand.

With that in mind, consider these ways that Facebook live can help build your brand or following.

Broadcast Live Q&A sessions

82% of Facebook users participate in Q&A sessions and webinars – and with Facebook Live, you can attract users too by hosting Q&A sessions and sharing your knowledge of your industry. With Facebook Live, you aren’t asking for sign-ups, so the required user investment is low.

Make the most of the many free tools that social platforms offer. A live Q&A enables you to not only show off your brand, but prove you’re a confident industry leader too.

People will get involved in your Q&A sessions if you provide solutions to their questions. Do not focus on selling your brand. Instead focusing on providing professional and useful answers for your audience.

The goal here is to build hype. Get people talking about your brand as a helpful source, and they will expect more from you, waiting for your next live stream. In time, you will make a good name for your brand within your industry, and build your following.

Show customers what you do best with behind the scenes experience

People love to see things they wouldn’t otherwise see. Create engagement by “documenting” the behind-the-scenes of your company and show viewers how your business works. Don’t get confused though. Just because you’re “documenting” things your audience wouldn’t otherwise see, doesn’t necessary mean you’re showing them something valuable. Make sure your Facebook Live broadcast provides something interesting.

Be sure of what your audience wants to see! If they’re looking for educational content – provide an educational experience that shares the processes of your business. Just make sure what you’re showing them is of value to them.

Stream live business events

There are lots of people looking to expand their knowledge in your industry. Start live streaming company events, like lectures or presentations that people couldn’t otherwise attend in person. 

Conduct live interviews

As well as streaming business events and sharing your own knowledge, put an industry leader “on the air” as a way of providing your audience with further knowledge and answers. This will provide great value to your ideal customers and present your own employees as experts in your industry. 

Broadcast company celebrations

Ensure that your audience views your Live stream as more than just promotional content that focuses on selling its products and services. 

Accomplish this by inviting your customers to join in with company celebrations. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or the company’s anniversary, make your customers feel the excitement and as though they are part of your brand.

Gain user feedback

Give customers a sneak peek of new products. Demonstrate your new product or service on Facebook Live and ask for comments and feedback from users. Asking for feedback will give customers a VIP experience and can provide you with valuable product information in real time that could lead to significant product improvements.

To get your brand noticed by a huge number of people, just start filming. Facebook live gives you the opportunities to not only share your knowledge, but also enables your audience to see behind the scenes of your business and join in with the celebrations. In time, you will be on your way to building your brand and following, with the help of Facebook live.