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Strictly Business Facebook Policy Updates

Posted by V2 Marketing on Tue, Jul 24, 2018

In light of recent concerns with privacy and the way info is handled on social media applications, Facebook has announced some changes to the way they will be handling automatic posting from third party applications.

Thankfully, if you do all your social posting for your personal and business pages using Facebook directly, this issue shouldn’t concern you! However, if you use an integrated third-party application such as HubSpot, MailChimp, or Constant Contact you may need to keep Facebook’s new changes in mind.

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10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Posted by Lilly J Adams on Wed, Feb 17, 2016

The surge of social media has moved the online community towards a new, immense virtual horizon. Businesses both big and small try to find their place in the sun, and make customers see them in a new light. Others have realized the potential of social media to serve as a stage for promoting personal brands, projects and ideas. Everyone wants to stay there and last, not be a passing trend in an ocean of the countless digital currents.

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5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Profile More Professional

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Aug 19, 2015

You wake up, check with Facebook, and there it is. Photographic evidence of last night’s birthday celebration. It’s all fun when you share with your friends and family, but what happens when your boss finds that less than flattering photo of you? Or worse, an angry, drunken message you may have posted without remembering it?

Mixing your social life with your professional life can be a dangerous combination.

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5 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Use Social Media Marketing

Posted by V2 Marketing on Thu, Nov 13, 2014

Let’s face it, social media marketing is primarily suited for Business to Consumer (B2B), but this does not mean that Business to Business (B2B) companies cannot also harness the power of social media. This is one marketing error that most B2B marketers usually make. B2B businesses, especially manufacturers, are often the slowest to accept and integrate social media marketing.

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25 Amazing Internet Facts You Can Tweet Now

Posted by V2 Marketing on Thu, Jul 10, 2014

There’s no doubt that the Internet has forced a fundamental shift in culture and buying behavior. Increasingly, search engines and social networks are people’s first stop for entertainment, education and product research. Everybody knows that, right?

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5 Key Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Apr 30, 2014

Learning the science of social media marketing for small business can be daunting. With the dozens of social media platforms and limited time for a small business owner to learn about the platform and engage with users, business owners often find themselves with few followers and no effective message or traffic. These five tips will help any small business owner understand how to build a social media presence that reaches its target demographic and positively benefits the business.

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2014 Marketing Planning: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by V2 Marketing on Thu, Jan 02, 2014

If the glut of television ads for weight loss plans and health club memberships are any indication, this must be the start of a new year. Happy New Year! Like your new year's resolution to shed a few pounds and get that svelte new bod you want, you can also resolve to whip your Internet marketing into shape this year too.

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10 Social Search Marketing Survival Tips

Posted by V2 Marketing on Tue, Nov 12, 2013

Search engines are getting smarter. Gone are the days of needing a basic understanding of machine language just to find information online for nearby restaurants. Among the recent improvements, like the conversational search capability of the Google's latest update called "Hummingbird," search engines have begun to incorporate social context for more relevant search results.

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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Posted by V2 Marketing on Fri, Nov 01, 2013

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by posting, also known as 'pinning,' images or videos to their own or others' pinboards (i.e. a collection of 'pins,' usually with a common theme). Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the Pinterest bookmarklet, Pin It button, or just a URL.

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10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Promotions

Posted by Heather Kelley on Tue, Oct 22, 2013

People go batty for Halloween, spending more than $8 Billion on scary holiday essentials in 2012, according to the National Retail Federation. The Halloween season gives marketers an opportunity to do something unexpected, clever and fun. Here are 10 of our favorite spooktacular ads and social media promotions.

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