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9 Graphic Designers Tips for Fabulous Posters

Posted by Deb Strout on Thu, Mar 14, 2013

The first posters were created in the mid-19th century in France as advertisements for new products. In less than ten years, the use of posters spread from France throughout the rest of Europe. They were also used for promotional purposes for theater, and operas shows and major events in Paris and the throughout France. "The Father of the Poster," Jules Cheret, was the first to give importance to the poster as an artistic image. We prize the beautiful artwork Henri Toulouse-Lautrec used to promote the Moulin Rouge and other “theater” of his time.

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8 Hallmarks of the Best Mobile Websites

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Jan 02, 2013

“Round, round, get around. I get around,” sang the Beach Boys. If they’re like most people these days, they’re taking the Internet with them on their smartphone. For the first time, more than half of all U.S. adults own a smartphone, tablet or both. Mobile web surfing is estimated to overtake desktop web surfing by 2015. It is imperative that your business have a mobile website to stay competitive.

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Year in Review: The 10 Most Popular V2 Marketing Blogs of 2012

Posted by Jake Glover on Wed, Dec 26, 2012

Well, folks, the world has not come to an apocalyptic end. Big surprise there. But the year has, and the staff at V2 Marketing has provided our website visitors with some fantastic marketing tips and information in our blog in 2012. In today’s post, we’ll round up our top 10 most popular articles as determined by you, our online visitor.

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Internet to Go: Tips for the Best Mobile Website Design

Posted by V2 Marketing on Tue, Dec 04, 2012

Consumers are on the move and staying increasingly connected to the Internet while they are mobile by accessing web content and information on their smartphones. Want these savvy movers and shakers to access your info, too? Then you’ll need a mobile website.

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Best Practices for QR Code Marketing Ideas

Posted by V2 Marketing on Fri, Jun 08, 2012

You've probably seen QR codes in magazines, advertisements and on product packaging. Maybe you've scanned one with your smart phone. But how can you put that funny square to work for your own business's marketing? Here are some best practices for your QR code marketing ideas.

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