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Facebook Advertising - 5 Tips to Plan for Best Results

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

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Why Leading with Price will Kill Your Advertising and Your Brand

Posted by V2 Marketing on Tue, Sep 25, 2012

A business owner friend once told me, “When times are good you advertise. When times are bad you have to.” He gets it. But too often in tough economic times, if the marketing budget isn’t cut entirely, the temptation is to slash prices and advertise the new lower price. It’s a bad idea to lead with price in advertising.

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10 Business Marketing Strategies for Success

Posted by Heather Kelley on Sat, Jun 02, 2012

New marketing technology pops up online every day. Social networks, online advertising, analytics and other customer tracking tools are potentially more cost effective than other means of marketing and advertising. That's not to say that traditional means of promoting your business is any less important. But not embracing new marketing trends could potentially be costly to your business and put you behind the marketing curve. Here are 10 tips that can help.

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