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The Dos and Don’ts of Basic Online Marketing

Written by Kathy Velasco on Sun, Mar 17, 2013

online marketingEveryone knows that marketing strategies are shifting away from traditional methods and turning toward the use of the internet to promote your company’s message, services and products online. But most people are just starting to understand how online marketing works. Truth be told, we’re just starting to scratch the surface.

But here’s a quick primer on basic online marketing tactics:

Do: Get your business listed in online directories and search engines.

Don’t: ignore all the free business listings that are available from Google, Yelp and all the other directories (don’t forget the local ones!). Claim your listings and make sure the information is up-to-date.

Do: Stay active on social media.

Don’t: Set up a Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and then ignore them. Besides the fact that you can use these profiles in many ways to inform, to engage, to have fun, the last thing you want is someone looking for you and finding an “empty house” that hasn’t been touched for months.

And speaking of social media….

Don’t: Ask people to “Like” you for no reason.  Nothing annoys me more than “Please ask your friends to like us so we can reach 500 likes!”  Why should I care? Give me a reason for me to like you through the use of exclusive offers, contests or just plain old good content.

Do: Utilize your social media profiles WITH your website.

Don’t: Assume a Facebook page can replace a website.  It can’t. Your website will be the hub of your marketing activities and the social media pages are the spokes that point people in the website’s direction. Utilize social media to drive people to your site.

Do: Separate your business and personal profiles.

Don’t: Post personal information under your business profile. It’s just not professional. Set up a personal page for your personal interactions. Set up a business page for your business news.  You CAN cross the line to promote business news, activities on your personal page.

Do: Clearly display your contact information on all online pages.

Don’t: Make it a treasure hunt for the reader to figure out how to engage you. I recently reviewed a web designer’s website and could not find a phone number, and address, and email ANYWHERE.  Finally, I noticed at the bottom of the home page, a graphic that included a bar code.  The number inside the bar code was the company phone number.  And, if you clicked on the graphic, it opened an email editor.  I didn’t know this information was supposed to be a secret!

And, guess what? If you do all these things, not only will your company have a stronger online presence, but this information will help search engines better rank your business in local search.

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