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13 Reasons Users are Leaving Facebook

Written by Kathy Velasco on Mon, Mar 04, 2013

social mediaFacebook is still the most prolific member of the social media network with over 1 billion members!  Why do we like it so much?  The reasons are probably as varied as its users. Some use Facebook to keep current with friends and business associates. Others like how easy it is to find people – old friends, distant family members.

The use of the Like button is almost addictive – it becomes your “instant approval” of what is posted. A one-second click that says, “Yes, that’s funny” or “Yes, I agree” with the person posting.

A recent report by the Pew Research Center provides some insight to who and why we use Facebook.  Their report “Coming and Going on Facebook” was issues in February 2013. According to their report, 67% of online American adults use Facebook.  Twenty percent of online adults say they once used the site, but no longer do so.

Is Facebook Valuable to the User?

Women spend more time on Facebook than men and are more likely to report increased importance to them.

16% of female users say Facebook has become more important to them over the past year, compared to 7% of men.  In addition,

16% of females spend more time on the site now than they did a year ago, compares with 9% of men.

Facebook Usage by Gender

However, 42% of Facebook users in the age group 18-29 report spending less time on Facebook compared to last year.

Taking a Break from Facebook

According to the survey results, 61% of Facebook users say they have taken a break from using Facebook for several weeks or more. The reasons are varied, but 21% indicate their busy lives as the main reason for breaking from Facebook. Others lost interest or got bored, some though there was too much negativity and some were concerned about privacy issues.

Reasons for Leaving Facebook

Reasons for Leaving Facebook

Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Omnibus survey, conducted December 13-16, 2012 on landline and cell phones.

What Does the Future Hold?

Most Facebook users (69%) expect to use the site at roughly the same amount of time in 2013, although one in four plan to cut back on their use.  According to the survey, young adults are the mostly likely to decrease their time on the site. Almost 38% of those in the age group 18-29, expect to spend less time on the site.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Well, while we all deal with busy lives, there are still almost two-thirds of all online users who are actively checking out Facebook.  It’s hard to ignore the impact of reaching these millions – just do it in a relevant way.  Wasting their time with fluffy, nonsensical posts, whether on Facebook or any other social media network, is the fastest way to help the reader take a break from your brand!

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