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Five of Our Favorite 2012 Apocalypse Ads

Written by V2 Marketing on Fri, Dec 21, 2012

12-21-12According to the ancient Mayan calendar, today, December 21, 2012, was predicted to be the end of the world. Like countless other apocalyptic, revelation, doomsday prophecies, it didn’t come to pass.

The 2012 Armageddon did however provide fodder for some fun and creative advertising. Here are a few of our favorites that, no doubt, doomsday preppers are watching from their bunkers.

JELL-O Funpocalypse Fun to the Rescue

Like the ancient Mayans before them, JELL-O attempts to prevent doomsday by appeasing the gods with the most fun sacrifice ever: JELL-O Pudding Cups.

Chevy Silverado "2012" Super Bowl XLVI Ad

In this 2012 Chevy Super Bowl commercial, a man drives his Chevy Silverado through an apocalyptic wasteland.

Motel 6 Mayan Calendar Radio Commerical

The 2012 prophecy ads are not limited to television commercials. Motel 6 marked their 50th anniversary in business with this clever radio spot that informs listeners that there is plenty of time to make reservations after December 21, 2012.

Shock Top Beer - End of the World

If it is, in fact, the end of the world, you may as well live it up – with another Shock Top beer, of course.

AXE 2012: Happy End of the World!

Axe spray cologne puts a funny, biblical twist on doomsday preparation. It’s about survival of the species, after all.

Here’s looking forward to another tomorrow. What was your favorite 2012 apocalypse commercial?

Image courtesy of kenfotos / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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