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How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

Written by Jake Glover on Mon, Dec 10, 2012

facebook eventSocial media provides great potential for event marketing of all kinds. Facebook is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting out the word of your event. With more than 500 million users, it also has the greatest reach of all the social media platforms. Here are some useful tips that will help you promote your event on Facebook.

Create an Events Page

With Facebook’s default Events application, it’s easy to fill in the time, place, and purpose of your event. Use this application to invite friends, post updates and pictures, and connect with your guests! Also, by making the event public, guests are able to invite their own friends, family, and co-workers!

Facebook eventTips for creating your event:

Fill in All the Details – Making sure that all of the details are posted on your event page is essential when creating your event. Doing so will allow others to easily gather information about your event and increase the likelihood of them attending.

Post a Picture – Including a snazzy picture will set your event apart from others and help give your future guests an idea of what to expect when they arrive.

Making it Public – When you make your event public, you’re tearing down all boundaries that restrict guests from seeing your page. Unless you intend to create a small, private event, marking the event as public is the easiest way to increase guest attendance. Most business events will want to be publicly announced and, if it IS a private affair, then Facebook probably isn’t the best option.

Spread the Word!

Now that you have created your events page, it’s time to market your event! Facebook offers a variety of ways for you to get the word out:

  • Invite ALL of Your Friends – Your Facebook friends list is the ultimate list of people that you interact with. Whether you think they would be interested in attending or not, invite them. Letting everyone on your friends list know of your event will help spread the word even if all of your friends do not attend.
  • Post Your Event on Your Company Page – Once your event page is created and everyone on your friends list is invited, you should share your event on your company Facebook page. This will allow anybody who has an interest in you and your company to see that the event has been created.
  • Update Your Page Regularly – It is important to update your event frequently before the day of the event. You can post things such as agendas, biographies, photos, parking maps, and even a video link-perhaps a video commercial for your event!
  • Send Messages to Your Guests – While posting on your Facebook event page frequently is important, it won’t send guests a notification. In order to be more effective when sharing important information with your guests, send messages to them through Facebook through your company page. Do not overload your guests with messages. You should send them a message when they RSVP to your page, one message a couple of weeks prior to your event, and one message a couple of days before your event, ensuring their attendance.

During the Event

People are starting to show up and everything is going great so far! But just because the doors have opened doesn’t mean that you’re work on Facebook is done!

  • Post a “Kick-off” Status – Posting a status as soon as the event has started gives your guests confirmation that your event will be a great time.
  • Take Tons of Pictures – Take pictures of everybody at your event having a blast! You can later post those pictures on you Facebook page and “tag” your guests, allowing all of their friends to view all of your event pictures. Also, you should take pictures of anything interesting or out-of-the-ordinary

Post to Facebook during your event

After the Event

Congratulations, all the stress of hosting an event is finally over! But, your work is still not done.

  • One Final Status Update – Post one more status on your events page thanking all of your guests for attending and playfully telling those who didn’t that they missed out.
  • Send Out Thank You eCards –Creating a formal eCard online and e-mailing it to those who attended your event will give them an even better satisfaction for attending. They will feel appreciated and encouraged to attend any future events that your company holds. Here are a couple free eCard websites to use.


By following the basic principles of all of these steps, you are ensuring that your event will be a hit! Make sure your events don’t become a bust by ignoring the benefits that Facebook Events has to offer. Promote your event using the world’s greatest social media network using these fantastic tips!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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