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6 Ways to Boost your Business Marketing on Facebook

Written by V2 Marketing on Wed, Sep 26, 2012

marketing on facebookThanks to its interactive capabilities, a Facebook business Page is a great supplement to any website. On it, you can boost your local internet marketing efforts by including everything from company location and contact information to updates and multimedia.

Facebook has a massive and highly engaged audience. Formerly generating a “fan” count, pages now track “Likes.” 70% of Facebook news consumers follow links posted by friends and family, which makes it very effective for reaching and acquiring new customers. And, according to research from Comscore, one out of every seven minutes that viewers spend online, is spent on Facebook. Here are some tips to tap into this audience and attract raving fans.

Don’t Confuse an Account With a Page

Just like individuals have their own accounts on Facebook, businesses do, too. Although is possible to create a business Facebook page without a personal Facebook account, be careful. If you later decide to set up a personal account, Facebook may shut down both accounts. In short, do not create duplicate accounts.

Integrate Other Social Media Activity

There are applications for the majority of social media platforms so you can include them in the side bar of your Facebook account. Add useful applications such as Discussions Board and YouTube Video Box to make your Facebook page more engaging.

Create Custom Tabs

Creating custom tabs on Facebook comes in handy when you want to showcase or provide information about something that doesn’t have its own app. These tabs are important for your social media marketing, because they let you create a much richer user experience on Facebook and control the content that your followers see when they visit your page.

Use Tags

Tagging provides a great way for you to attract the attention of people and other companies. When you tag something, the content you post appears on the wall of the profile or Page you tagged, and that account receives a notification that it was tagged.

Interact With Your Audience

Simply having a Facebook business page is not enough. It is essential to create content that your fans will want to share so their fans can attract more visitors to your Facebook page. That’s a big job. Here’s a tip. Instead of appointing one person to address this need and do all the work, you can crowdsource conversation by engaging a few team members. Approve individuals within your company as page administrators so they have access to post content and respond to users (all under your Page’s alias of course).

Monitoring your Facebook Page

Your Facebook business page offers the opportunity to engage with your customers in a two-way conversation. It should strengthen your relationships with your customers and also forge new ones. To do this you need to perfect the timing and composition of posting original content, and learn how to best cater to the needs of each market segment.

You’ll then need to closely monitor your Facebook page to understand what your fans want. This means hanging back and listening to what fans are talking about on your page, as well as capturing actual traffic analytics.

For page administrators, Facebook offers Insights in the Admin Panel, located at the top of your Facebook business page. There you’ll see information about your fan’s engagement with your page over time.

Your Facebook Page

V2 Marketing on Facebook

Your Facebook page should be the launching point to your home website, blog, and conversion offers. By encouraging discussions on your Facebook wall, you will be fostering a community in which your newest visitors interact with your most dedicated and loyal customers. In doing so, your existing customer’s excitement to share and interact with your material and page could impact your more casual fans’ decision to purchase your product.

How effective is your Facebook business page at building relationships with your customers? Have you earned a new customer as a result of your Facebook business fan page? Post your comments below.

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