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Facebook Problem: Community Pages - the Blue Suitcase

Written by Heather Kelley on Tue, Aug 28, 2012

facebook problemIf you are using Facebook for business marketing, you know what a powerful asset it is. Did you know that your company Facebook fan page is not the only page dedicated to marketing your business on Facebook?

As I was exploring the intricacies of the new Facebook layout on my personal profile, I noticed my company link presented a Facebook problem -- the "Community Page." For those who have not experienced the lifeless blue suitcase, it is an automatically generated “Community Page” created by Facebook whenever you list employers, interests, etc. on your profile.

Facebook Community Pages draw their information from Wikipedia, as well as information that other Facebook users are saying about a particular topic. The problem with Community Pages is the confusion they cause with users who might mistakenly “like” a Community Page believing they are following a brand’s official fan page.

That’s exactly what happened to me. In addition to our official V2 Marketing Communications Facebook page, there were a couple of Community Pages listed for V2 Marketing. Worse yet, I discovered friends had liked these pages without having seen our wondrous and creative official V2 Marketing Communications fan page.

After much venting, I finally discovered how to set up Facebook to fix the problem and even helped a friend along the way.

  1. First, click on your company link, interests, or institute of higher education and see where this takes you. If you encounter the dreaded blue suitcase instead of the fan page you expected, then read on my friends.
  2. Next, click "Edit My Profile" under your personal profile and go to "Education and Work," or whatever category you would like to change.
  3. For the next exercise go to your fan page, highlight the name, copy and paste into the appropriate box. You can also type the exact name of your fan page and click on the right arrow. Keep in mind, this method does not work all of the time.
  4. Don't forget to save your changes and voila, you are official!

Hopefully your company, interests and alma mater have been able to avoid this little Facebook problem and  appeared with your familiar logo for the world, or at least your Facebook friends, to see.

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