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5 Ways to Increase Your E Mail Marketing Subscriptions

Written by V2 Marketing on Fri, Aug 17, 2012

e mail marketingThe first emails were sent in the early 1970's on government computer networks that would later become the Internet. No doubt, e mail marketing soon followed. After all, in business, the next best thing to someone actually purchasing your product or service, is them providing their contact information so that you can follow up, and an email newsletter is a quick and easy way to keep your prospects informed about what's happening at your company.

Offering an email list subscription on your website is a great way to collect names and business email addresses of potential customers and build your list of leads. But how do you encourage people to sign up?

In a recent article on MarketingProfs, Tim Grahl offers 5 proven ways to increase email subscriptions.

  1. Make it personal. People want to interact with other people, not with a faceless company. Grahl suggests putting a photo of the person who actually sends the email next to the subscription form on the website can increase subscriptions up to 30%.
  2. Make it compelling. People ask, “What’s in it for me?” Give them a compelling reason to subscribe. Offer a free original e-book, report or whitepaper to new subscribers. A closed loop email marketing tool like Hubspot easily manages your offers and email marketing campaigns.
  3. Make it obvious. Grahl contends that your email list is your most important marketing asset. Don’t hide it in the sidebar or footer of your website. Make it an integral part of your website design.
  4. Make the first impression count. You don’t want new subscribers to immediately un-subscribe from your email newsletter. Your auto-response message to new subscribers should be your best email and should engage subscribers with what they can expect from your future messages.
  5. Make it successful. Test any changes you make to your design or messages to see what works and what does not. Google’s free split-testing tool can randomly show two or more versions of your sign-up form and keep track of which one performs better. MailChimp has the capability to perform an A/B split campaign to test different versions of your email marketing campaigns.

The takeaway? If managed effectively, e mail marketing can be your most important marketing asset. To run a successful email marketing campaign, make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your list. Give them a reason to subscribe. Then, be real.

Has e mail marketing been a useful or successful part of your overall marketing activities?

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