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10 Useful Tips for Better Social Media Conversations

Written by V2 Marketing on Sat, Jul 07, 2012

social media like buttonMy first job after graduating college was as a cub reporter at a daily newspaper. Each morning, 6am, was the daily editorial meeting. All the reporters, photographers and editors would pitch their story ideas for that day’s paper. We’d talk about dozens of potential articles every morning and plan out what we would publish.

If you have a business blog or post to Facebook or other social media for companies, then you too are in the publishing business. Especially if you manage multiple social media accounts, like the company blog, Twitter and Facebook, keeping current on social media for business takes a commitment of your time, something that most business people have a short supply of.

Here are 10 useful social media tips to help you with your publishing plan.

  1. Post frequently – If you don’t update, you don’t exist. The only thing that keeps you in the news feed of your constituents is adding things to your page. At least one status update a day at minimum. TIP: Write a whole week’s worth of Facebook posts in advance and schedule them with an engagement platform like Hootsuite or Hubspot.
  2. Ask questions – Not all status updates need to be statements. Ask questions. Not just for the sake of asking, but because you want to know the answers. Open ended questions can help get a discussion going.
  3. Act and react – Don’t just update your status; make sure you comment on comments. If someone takes the time to write on your wall or comment on your status, take the time to respond. Sometimes it might be a simple “thank you,” but other times you might be answering a question. Face to face this is what we call “conversation.” It’s what you want. Every response you give to someone else’s response is a form of engagement that allows for further engagement.
  4. Post photos and videos – People love visual media. Photos and videos draw people to your page and give them more reason to comment. Plus, this media is taggable. If you tag the people who are in the photo, they will be notified, and their friends will see it.
  5. Create events – If you are hosting any sort of event with your business or organization, create a Facebook event for it. These are made with interaction in mind. People can be invited and they have the ability to RSVP. Each person who says they are attending furthers your reach. Plus, like the notes, the events are shareable. Plus the events include the ability to comment, creating yet another place for discussion and engagement.
  6. Post links and articles – Not all of the content has to be original to you. If you find something interesting online, post the link. This is a great way of providing relevant content that might be of interest to your community members.
  7. Link everything – Social Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so don’t treat it as if it did. All of your online properties should be linked to each other. If you have a website, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…make sure they all point to your Facebook page (and vice versa). Cross pollination allows for multiple touch points and increases engagement across platforms.
  8. Post Blog to Facebook Automatically – Post once, publish everywhere. Use the Networked Blogs application to automatically update your Facebook page whenever you post to your blog.
  9. Cross-tag on other Facebook pages – By using the status tagging function (by using the @ sign) you can promote yourself on your page and other pages all at the same time. The key here is to be thoughtful and genuine without becoming spammy. If you are going to tag another page, there must be a legitimate reason. This is why it’s important to collaborate and form partnerships. Any tagging you do must make sense and be primarily for promoting the other page, not your own.
  10. Go Rogue – Feel free to veer off topic occasionally. If you’re a plumber, is plumbing really all that you ever talk about in real life? So why do that on your Facebook page? The occasional funny updates shows that you have a sense of humor and is great for getting comments. It helps to let people know there is a real human on the other side, not just someone writing out ad copy.

Planning your publishing schedule, just like the pros do, can save time and get your social posting on the right track.

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