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3 Ways CTAs Convert Website Visitors into Qualified Leads

Posted by V2 Marketing on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Admit it, it’s happened to you. You go online with the intention of reading a news article and, half an hour later you find yourself watching YouTube videos or looking up obscure information on Wikipedia. You’re not alone.

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Why & How to Set Up Google Authorship

Posted by V2 Marketing on Tue, Jan 28, 2014

If you're blogging and creating quality content that is ranking well in search engine results, then your inbound marketing strategy is paying off. Good for you!

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Topics: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Google Plus marketing

How to Set Up Your Google+ Business Page in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Jan 22, 2014

Marketing directors at B2B companies are responsible for keeping current on an increasing number of marketing channels. Between updating the company website, email marketing and social posting, it can be a challenge to keep all the plates spinning, and be able to show the marketing ROI. The last thing you may want is one more social network to manage. But Google+ is not just any social network. Since Google uses data from Google+ to improve its search engine results, business that want to improve their SEO can benefit from a Google+ business page.

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Why Google+ Matters for Online Marketing

Posted by V2 Marketing on Mon, Jan 20, 2014

Smart marketers should keep a close eye on Google+. Launched in 2011, Google+ is the newest of the major social networks. In just over six months, the platform amassed more than 90 million users, posing a serious challenge to LinkedIn’s 135 million members. Yet, despite this impressive growth, the adoption of Google+ pales compared to that of Facebook, which has more than 800 million users.

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Topics: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Google Plus marketing

[DATA] Study Shows Manufacturers Shifting to Content Marketing

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Jan 15, 2014

Like any other consumer, when technical and engineering professionals have a problem, they generally look for help online. Successful manufacturing and industrial suppliers are adapting their marketing mix accordingly, shifting budget and resources to digital marketing methods to connect with their audience, according to a survey from GlobalSpec.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, content marketing, marketing for manufacturing industry

5 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing

Posted by V2 Marketing on Mon, Jan 13, 2014

One benefit of online marketing is that nearly every aspect of a visitor's interaction can be measured. Web analytics, social media insights and tracking codes provide data that can prove the ROI of almost any inbound marketing campaign. In theory, this has made the marketer's life easier. We have more options, tools and resources to be better, faster and stronger.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, social media marketing, SEO

The Art of Networking for Business

Posted by V2 Marketing on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

There are many ways to generate new business, particularly online. Driving traffic to a website is easier than ever with improved SEO content, social networking, and inbound marketing. Networking has become a buzzword for utilizing leads and prospects generated from your website. But what about networking in person? Is the good old handshake a discarded old-fashioned tactic in today’s world of email and social media, or does it still work to generate leads and increase sales?

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Topics: lead generation, professional development, networking

INFOGRAPHIC: Better Contact Forms for the Marketing Ninja

Posted by V2 Marketing on Wed, Jan 08, 2014

The web form is the key to a landing page. Without a contact form there is no way to convert website visitors into sales leads. Forms are necessary for people to sign up, subscribe to your site or download an offer.

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Topics: contact forms, web forms, contact form conversion

Try New Year's Tweaks, Not Resolutions

Posted by Deb Strout on Sun, Jan 05, 2014

When we think of New Year’s celebration, we think of parties, fresh starts and resolutions. The last is one can be one of the hardest: born from guilt, disappointment and too much Chex Mix. As Americans, we like to do things BIG. Big Resolution = Big Change.

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Topics: corporate communications, professional development

2014 Marketing Planning: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by V2 Marketing on Thu, Jan 02, 2014

If the glut of television ads for weight loss plans and health club memberships are any indication, this must be the start of a new year. Happy New Year! Like your new year's resolution to shed a few pounds and get that svelte new bod you want, you can also resolve to whip your Internet marketing into shape this year too.

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