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6 Must Have Apps for Marketing Professionals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by V2 Marketing on Thu, Oct 15, 2015

For most marketing professionals, multi-tasking is an underrated skill. You need to juggle your company blog, post to your social media pages and keep your website up to date. And you need to prove that your marketing efforts actually produce a return on your marketing investment. Whether working for an in-house corporate or nonprofit marketing department or a marketing agency, the ability to keep many plates spinning at the same time often separates the rookies from more seasoned staff.

Certain software can make a marketer’s life a lot easier. Project management programs improve team communication and improve productivity.  Social media management apps save time by scheduling posts and monitoring conversation. Other apps provide valuable marketing metrics that show what’s working and what’s not.

This infographic by M2OnHold features a few of the most helpful apps for marketing professionals. If you’re in the biz, these are the apps you simply cannot live without.

6 must have apps for professional marketers

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