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5 Ways a Manufacturing Company Can Do Inbound Marketing

Manufacturing Companies use Inbound Marketing

Sales reps for manufacturing companies are losing influence as industrial buyers increasingly turn to the Internet for research about the products and services they need. Successful manufacturing companies are realizing that their company website is a tool that is under-utilized. As a result, they’re adopting inbound marketing strategies, ramping up their website and social media channels to generate more sales leads online.

6 Simple Twitter Tactics to Improve Your Inbound Marketing

6 twitter for business

Social media should be an integral part of your inbound marketing efforts. As social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk says, "Social media equals business. Period."

How Create a Stream of Inbound Marketing Content

relevant content

An essential component to improving inbound marketing is to creating content. To attract website visitors via search engines and social media and get them to stay on your site or click through on an email you've got to give them reason and, as the saying goes, “content is king.” But here's the tough part for a lot of folks, it needs to be good stuff.

4 Ways to Find Great Content for Your Company Blog

generate blog content

There is a direct correlation between the frequency of blogging and the amount of traffic to a company’s website. Research from Hubspot found that companies that blog 15 or more times per month get five times more website traffic than those that do not. But you are probably wondering what content you can possibly write about?

3 “Big Data” Metrics to Unlock Inbound Marketing ROI

big data

We have entered the age of “big data.” Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about the deluge of data being collected by virtually every enterprise at every level. From marketing to finance to customer service, data is now a big deal if – and it’s a big if – you have what it takes to analyze all that data and know how to effectively apply that analysis to your inbound marketing.

5 Business Blogging Best Practices

business blogging

Great business blogs have to walk a fine line: they have to create value for current and prospective customers while supporting a strategy that provides business growth.

Why Business Blogging Matters for Marketing Success

business blogging

Marketing data clearly shows that blogging is a critical piece of the inbound marketing methodology and directly correlates to better business results.

5 Internet Marketing Tactics for Nonprofit Organizations

online donations

As a nonprofit organization, the right nonprofit marketing plan is essential to reach potential donors. Since most of your funds come from donors, organizations, and other businesses, you have to use the proper nonprofit marketing strategies, to attract potential donors online. With a sound marketing plan, and using the right online mix, you can elicit more donations and find marketing for nonprofits quite simple for your organization.

4 Keys to Maximize Your Company’s Facebook Marketing

Facbook best practice

As a B2B marketer, you understand the importance of Facebook as part of your inbound marketing strategy. With more than one billion monthly active users on Facebook, marketers know that the social network king holds more potential than ever to get their name out there, spread their content, and draw more people to their site.

4 Essential Components of a Modern Company Website

content is king

Business websites are under-utilized. Simply having a company website – an online brochure to present company information – just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, the web is social and interactive, not static like most B2B websites still tend to be. The modern website is a real sales tool, integrating search, social media, content, blogging, and more, to attract visitors generate leads.

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