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3 Essential Tips for Better Business Blogging

blogging for business

When it comes to getting found and generating traffic to your website, nothing works better than blogging. With the recent changes in the way that search engines display search results – considering search intent and context – a business website without a fully optimized blog is poorly positioned to attract traffic and convert visitors into leads.

25 Amazing Internet Facts You Can Tweet Now

fun internet facts

There’s no doubt that the Internet has forced a fundamental shift in culture and buying behavior. Increasingly, search engines and social networks are people’s first stop for entertainment, education and product research. Everybody knows that, right?

6 Tips for a Successful Manufacturing Company Blog


The single most critical element of inbound marketing is content. In order to attract visitors to your website, click through on an email, or fill out a form, you’ve got to give them a reason – and a great content offer is certainly one. Here’s the challenge. It needs to be good. That can mean it’s emotional, funny, educational or insightful. What it can’t be is dull, uninformative, or dry.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

google my business local listing

Google has continuously been improving and modifying Google Places, Google+ Pages and Google Local listings, and recently has released another large update. 

Why Manufacturing Companies Need a Responsive Website

mobile website for manufacturing companies

Have you ever visited a website on your smartphone, only to see a tiny version of the same website you would see on your desktop computer? So you pinch and swipe to zoom way in, then move the site around and enlarge and shrink it as needed to read and click on things. That is not responsive web design.

5 Things You Need to Know About Google My Business

google my business logo

Google seems to have always had an intense focus on providing local and small businesses with a boost in the business world. Although Google offers many options for small and local business owners to promote their business, the process hasn't always been crystal clear.

[infographic] Happy 3rd Birthday Google+

google plus birthday

Invite your friends to a hangout for cake and presents and a game of “Pin the +1 on the Donkey.” Google+ turns 3 years old on June 28th.

Is Social Media Marketing Right for Manufacturers?

social media for manufacturing

For most manufacturing companies, social media is viewed as something for kids. Marketing on social media is perceived as being better suited for B2C companies or large national brands, if it is right for business at all – certainly not for a manufacturer of a highly specialized, technical product like, say, custom gears.

6 Things I Learned at Inbound Marketing Day

inbound marketing day

On June 4, 2014, I attended “Inbound Marketing Day,” in Milwaukee, WI. Hosted by Savvy Panda and the Milwaukee Business Marketing Association, the full immersion into inbound marketing at the day-long conference provided idea-sparking insight and practical strategies from marketing thought leaders.

Adding Pinterest to Your Social Media Marketing Mix

pinterest scene

It’s easy to get sucked in to Pinterest and lose all track of time jumping from picture to picture. But for savvy marketers, Pinterest can be much more than images of DIY craft projects and tasty looking recipes.

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